Books~ Lighter Reading

“…At its heart, Celestial Persuasion is a deftly developed romance between two equally matched people caught up in a whirlwind of longing, loss, and the possibility of enduring love. Mirta Ines Trupp has brought the past to life in her story-telling, her wide knowledge of history, and her genuine wish to connect with an earlier, similarly gifted woman and wordsmith.” ~ Feathered Quill Book Awards and Reviews

“Truly good writing comes from a place deep within the author. Great storytelling comes from an equally profound space…one which accesses beliefs and experiences that inform the tale being woven. Mirta Ines Trupp has delivered an Austenesque novel that blends her Judaism with history and with Austen. This book is a prefect example of how an author reached deeply into her soul for that which brings a veritas to every character and act. I assure you that you have never come across anything quite like The Meyersons of Meryton.” ~ Don Jacobson, Author

“…I heartily recommend this delightful and engrossing family novel for the Historical Readers’ Award. Not only is the story steeped in historical facts and the Jewish faith, it radiates love of family across the generations. It is as educational as it is entertaining, which is the last important factor for any award winning novel in my humble opinion.”

“…While some stories have left me guessing, Becoming Malka left me imagining. Through skillful use of prose and well-researched history pertaining to Jews living in Russia, Ukraine, and Argentina, the book is more than simply fiction. It is an educative resource that will enlighten the minds of all who read it. Being one who does not enjoy spoiling a plot, I am going to end now and let you get to what I am convinced will not be a chore of a read. We put up with a lot on this amazing planet to remain content. Thankfully, there are those who write well to help us manage.” ~ Brooks Kohler, Author

“While a “light” read, there was substantive material. I was happy to note that the author spoke to the marginalization of British Jews in high society, as well as their contributions and achievements (the storyline of coming to Wellington’s aid was very well done). I think my favorite scene had to be the impromptu, Shabbat service held in the Duchess of Haverford’s drawing room. The signing of the ketubah (marriage contract) was delightful!” ~ Mirta Ines Trupp, Author

“This novel brings Regency and Yiddishkeyt successfully into a shiddach and marries the two worlds beautifully. Filling a void for many Period readers, I believe the storyline would resonate with a diverse audience— Jewish or not. I couldn’t wait to read the end, not because I was eager to set down the book, but rather I was dying of curiosity to see how the time-travel issue was dealt with… Jewishly.” ~ Mirta Ines Trupp, Author

“A Jewish storyline in a Regency Romance! Imagine that! Intelligent depiction of Jewish life in England. I enjoyed it.” ~ Mirta Ines Trupp, Author

“Well researched, chock full of details and humor. Charming, Regency mystery that the whole family can enjoy.” ~ Mirta Ines Trupp, Author.

“Jewish historical fiction set in Canada, Winnipeg to be exact. Tremendous amount of research, ethnic traditions, and compelling immigrant stories. Well done.” ~ Mirta Ines Trupp, Author

“What a find! There are terms, phrases and themes in this book that are not politically correct in today’s age. And that’s okay! You don’t have to be a die-hard feminist to relate to this story. You don’t have to agree with socialism, or capitalism to relate to this story. You don’t have to be Jewish or approve of how this family lives their Judaism to relate to this story. I think we all are multidimensional; and like Fanny, can’t be pigeonholed with labels.” ~ Mirta Ines Trupp, Author

“I couldn’t put it down! Although set in the WWII era, this is not a Holocaust narrative per se. Poignant, intriguing. Excellent read!” ~ Mirta Ines Trupp, Author